Friday, 1 June 2012

Rievaulx Abbey

With a much valued day off from work, I persuaded Peter to stop working and join me for a potter out.  We started with a visit to a Yeomans camping display near York, where I got me a nice new sleeping bag, and then drove down through the Castle Howard Estate to Rievaulx Abbey. 
We paused at Castle Howard to see what was on offer, but decided not to stay, mostly due to cost and time to be honest.  But we did take advantage of the farm shop to get our supper.  (Really good value).  We also met a very handsome peacock who, despite making a lot of noise, didn't feel the need to give us a full display of his tail feathers.  He did look good though. 

Rievaulx Abbey turned out to be better than expected.  We were given audio guides, which explained very well the purpose of each room or hall.  I found out about lay men, and how they were different from the monks, the Abbey drains, and how the monks used to make leather.  Eeeugh! 

We spent a good hour or so wandering the ruins and taking pictures.  An amazing place.

And before you comment, yes, I know about the head!.  :-D 

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