Saturday, 30 April 2011

Along the River Ure

Redmire Force
OK, so today we decided to try out a walk completely new to Peter.  I sort of fancied walking along the side of the river Ure towards Ayesgarth, and we noticed Redmire Force on the map.  The trouble was getting across the river and walking back.  (We don't like to retrace our footsteps).  Clever me spotted something that should be a ford across the river, and then Google informed us of the stepping stones, and off we went.
Stepping stones across the river Ure
The whole walk was 9 miles. We walked west from Wensley, along the south side of the River Ure. On the way, we saw loads of mallards and canada geese with ducklings and goslings respectively.  Awwwwwwww.  We also got a couple of glimpses of a grey heron or two. We stopped to eat  and admire at Redmire Force, which is a bit of  a hidden gem and where I saw a "no idea" bird (I had no idea what it was.  Later I worked out it was dipper).  After lunch we went on a little further to the stepping stones laid recently for walkers and which are brilliant. On the way back, more lapwings and curlews.  
Water Aven
And as for plants, well - after taking photo's to work out what they were later (using the internet of course) I can now add water forget-me-nots,  water avens, lesser stitchworts, meadow cranesbills and dryad saddle mushrooms to me list.  Apparently the mushrooms are edible, and they were huge.  Mebbe I should have brought some home to stick on our pizza supper. Tired feet and the joints were complaining a bit as we went along, but all in all a lovely walk, which took us a much more respectable 41/2 hours.
And yes, when we got back, the first thing we did was check out the wedding.  Kate did look stunning, and I am quite jealous that I never looked that good.  Methinks she is a bit skinny though.  I am glad the day went well and the country enjoyed it.  I think they did everything just right, from her dress to him driving the Aston Martin.  Good luck to the pair of them. 
Today is Saturday, himself is working, and I am taking it easy.  The sun is out, but so is the wind, and it is biting.  Domestics have taken over, and I have to go and buy food, do the housework and cook dinner.  I can't wait to get out again though. He's not working next weekend.  Mebbe we'll try Striding Edge?

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Helm Crag

It didn't look the brightest of days when we set off from home towards Grasmere, but it just got better and better the closer we got.  By the time we parked up, the sun was beaming at us.
Peter is dead pleased with the whole thing, as this is my first fell peak and apparently I will never forget it.  Hmmmmmm........... I doubt I will forget, because I am loving everywhere I am walking, but I am not sure about the "first" thing.
View from the top of Helm Crag
Anyway, it is a hard walk.  Roughie toughie experienced hill walkers (and we certainly passed a few coming down), will no doubt tell you it's quite easy.  But it isn't to softies like me and the woman who was half of a couple that walked up at the same time as us, sort of behind.

It's 1309 feet high, hard work to get
Looking the other direction
up, but glorious, glorious views at the top, where we had our lunch.  I think that couple who were behind us were similar to me n Peter in that he's the experienced walker and she's just giving it all a go. Unlike me though, she did not like being up there, she said she was scared of the height and wanted to go straight down again.

Peter on top The Howitzer
After lunch, Peter insisted on acting like a totally irresponsible teenager and climbed to the very top - a rock called "The Howitzer".  I thought I was gonna have a heart attack watching him, I was so scared.  
We were supposed to walk on to Easedale Tarn, but to be honest we were both too tired. (He might not admit that - being the experienced roughie toughie walker he is.) But I am loving all this countryside, so I talked Peter into another walk tomorrow.  He hasn't worked out where yet, he wanted to get me up Striding Edge.  I've seen the pictures.......scary!  Maybe somewhere different eh?

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Walking Walking Walking

 Monday's sun is full in the face, Tuesday's sun is blown away, Wednesday's sun is here and there, I hope Thursdays sun is gonna make skin bare.  That's cos we're out again tomorrow.  Apparently I am going up a fell peak on a Rolls Royce of walks. But what have I been doing until now?

Hadrian's Wall
Well, on Monday, I got the sun full in the face, and did very little.  Tuesday, me and himself went up to Hadrian's Wall and had a little wander.  Actually it was 8 miles of wandering.  As usual, I loved it.  The sun was out, but so was the wind, which was bitterly cold.  I am pleased to say that not only did I see the remains of Hadrian's Wall, Housestead Fort, 38 and 39 MileCastle and a turret or two, but I also used my binoculars and camera and managed to see loads of wheatears, a Canada Goose on one of the little lakes, and skylarks, which were everywhere. I really really love our countryside.  I also managed to recognise marsh marigolds.  Clever me.

Ayesgarth Middle Falls
So that was Tuesday.  Today, we went to test another walk for work. I thought I'd be tired after yesterday, but actually, I was absolutely fine, so today we walked from Carperby to Ayesgarth Falls and back to Carperby on a circular route.  It was only 4 miles, but as usual, we were taking pictures of everything, and I was trying to see stuff through me binoculars, so we took about 3 hours to do it.  Well worth it though, cos I got to see some more lapwings, and curlews, and the swallows were out, and of course, the 3 falls at Ayesgarth are stunning.

We went on from there through various fields. past a couple of farms and here and there a bit.  I enjoyed it, but a couple of the stiles were a bit difficult, as were some of the places we walked.  So I am not entirely sure it would be right for them at work.  But it was good, and I love seeing new bits of the countryside.

Tomorrow we are going up Helm Crag.  Oooer!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Loving the bank holidays.

At work we've been sitting outside at lunchtime, and in my stupidity, I happened to accidentally volunteer myself to organise the next team building day, which will be a walk. (Well, I actually volunteered Peter's knowledge, but hey ho.)  So I put the idea in his head, we need a short walk for them at work, bearing in mind one is a little older and has had a couple of  operations on her legs.
Peter on the edge of West Witton Moor. Wensleydale behind him
We get Maundy Thursday afternoon off.  Cool eh?.  So, having arrived home early and finding himself in the garden, we decide the weather was too glorious to stay inside and we should go out and test the first idea of a walk out at West Burton.  So off we went.  
Woodland Violet
The weather was wonderful and the walk was brilliant.  Just a little too much for that lot a work to be honest.  It was just under 5 miles, but the hills were a bit steep, especially coming down.  I really enjoyed it.  We saw loads of peewits up on the top, I managed to get some photo's, but I don't have a strong enough zoom to get good close ups. I've been learning about and looking up the flowers and stuff and can list: early purple orchids, primroses, cowslips, woodland violets, wild strawberries and bluebells all in the same area.
Early Purple Orchid
We came down the hill (as a said, a bit steep), and ended up at the waterfall at West Burton.  Again, I'm trying to learn about what I'm seeing, and with an out of focus photograph was able to identify a grey wagtail. Dead chuffed with meself.
West Burton "Cauldron" Falls
Peter has been working over the bank holiday weekend, but the sun has been glorious today, so in between getting coffee out of the carpet and changing the sheets, I've been out there soaking it up.  Were going out walking next week, so I'm hoping this weather holds.  It's been fantastic!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Friends visiting

We've had a visit from a couple of friends from down south in Harwich.  I've known them since I was about 18, (so a very long time) They came up last weekend,  I left work early on Friday to meet them Friday afternoon. It was a beautiful evening, so we took them out for a walk before tea.
Malham Cove
 Saturday we got up at a reasonable hour to take our Essex pals out walking for the day to Malham Cove, Gordale Scar and Janet's Foss.  The weather was glorious.  It is a 41/2 mile walk but we took it dead easy, and all of us really enjoyed the day.  Indian takeaway for tea before we all got very sleepy and stared at the  television for a little while before bed.
Gordale Scar
Sunday was another wonderful blue sky day, so we showed our guests one of the highlights of the north east...........  Catterick Racecourse Sunday market!!!  (That wasn't my idea, but they seemed to like it anyway), then a quick look at The Station in Richmond and a walk around the castle.  Actually, when I think about it, we didn't let them sit down for long.  I think they enjoyed it though. I know we did.  Mebbe they will visit again?

Janet's Foss