Sunday, 27 May 2012

Winter Hill

Today I had arranged to meet a few members of the forum for a walk in Lancashire up to Winter Hill.  To be honest, when you look at a route map of the area, there doesn’t look to be anywhere to stretch your legs around there, but I was determined that I needed to get on a forum meet, and this was the only one within driving distance, on a day that I was able to make, and not too difficult.  So I got in the car and drove the two hours to reach Horwich in Lancashire.

When I arrived, Brett, Sam, Molly and Ellie were already there and waiting for me.  Now bearing in mind this was supposed to be a slow walk, the energy of these four was baffling.  They ran around everywhere, they must have walked (or ran) at least 4 times the distance I did.  They kept wandering off the track, investigating holes, ditches and fields.  Ellie kept disappearing altogether, and had to be called to come back to join us. 
But they were excellent company.  Sam kept bossing the others about, Ellie was a bit shy, Mollie was really sweet and Brett was very inconsiderate sometimes.  At one point he kept trying to trip me over with his stick.   But as a group they did their bit for the environment, collecting discarded water bottles and taking them back with us.  They didn't bring their own food though, and Mollie looked at me so hungrily when I was eating my cornish pasty, I felt I had to share. 

Some photographs:
This is the start of the walk, a cool area of woods under Burnt Edge:

We got to the summit of Winter Hill for some wonderful views, this is Belmont Reservoir

Belmont Church 

Lovely view South East

The Story of a Trespass - 30 years before Kinder


Brett, Molly and Sam.  Ellie has gone off somewhere again.

I should of mentioned that Brett, Sam, Molly and Ellie brought company in the form of 9 other human walking forum members.  Thank you Sooz for organising the walk.

Two hours might seem a long way to drive but I can honestly say it was worth it.  It was a very very pleasant walk on a beautiful day.  I love the moors,  and I met some really nice people.  
One last picture - Brett at the reservoir on Smithills Moor.  Doesn't that water look soooo inviting on such a hot day. 

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  1. Looks like you had a great time of it! I've not been on a WF meet myself - must remedy that sometime.

    Sorry I've not commented sooner - been so very busy of late, mostly with work (worked at least some of every day in May, and still busy) but occasionally walking too. I'm now in the process of trying to catch up on everyone elses trips!