Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ingleborough Cave

The idea was to make a day of this, so after visiting Gaping Gill, we walked back to Ingleborough Cave,  which is on the way to Clapham village and our car.  There's a little shop where you can get a hot cup of tea, and where we bought our tickets for a tour of the cave.  Buying these tickets gives you the rights to use the loo too.  

I like caves (although not squashed places), and had always fancied a visit inside this one.  I have a fascination for all those weird and wonderful shapes inside.  The tours run every half an hour and take an hour to complete.  Our guide was very entertaining, and made the tour especially fun, telling stories of Victorian visits, soot drawing and escaped alligators. He also told us of the connecting passage between Gaping Gill and Ingleborough Cave that had been found, before a rock fall blocked the route.

We both felt the tour was a bit rushed though, and would probably have preferred a little longer walking round. To be honest, every cave tour we've ever done has seemed rushed.  Perhaps it's us?

The cave was fascinating, glistening rock formations, water dripping everywhere, stalactites, stalagmites, and wonderful shadows cast by the lights.  Apart from preferring another half hour down there, I really enjoyed it. 

A dragon in the rock

And a fantastical ceiling

All in all a very good day out, topped off with pint for Peter and a coffee for me in Clapham Village.  

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