Saturday, 10 March 2012

A short walk in the Howgills.

Today's walk was intended to be a lot longer, but ended up only three and a half miles because I was really struggling.  We decided this was due to loads of different things, and tomorrow I should be in better fettle.
Shame really, because I was really looking forward to it.
Anyway, we started from Sedbergh and walked alongside Settlebeck Gill, which really is a lovely little gushing stream, with lots of tiny falls.
It took us absolutely ages to get up this bank, because I was finding it so difficult.  Peter was dead patient and took loads of photo's whilst he waited.  I got a few too.

We decided at the top to shorten our route and instead of going right along the Rowantree Grains path, turned  left to reach the trig point on the top of Winder.

The weather at the top wasn't brilliant, but I do love the way the Howgills' sort of roll. The views were wonderful.  From there we made the descent into Sedbergh.
I'm a bit miffed with myself for not being able to go further today, as I had been looking forward to the walk all week, but there was a silver lining.  With our walk cut short we decided to stop in Hawes on the way back to see if we could find some walking sticks and, more importantly find a tea shop for coffee n cake.   Not only did we get a new pair of sticks, and coffee, and cake, I got myself a new pair of boots as well. Class eh?

3.5 miles, 1321 ft.  Total 12.3 miles, 2639 ft

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  1. Winder makes a super destination fro a short walk, so although you didn't get to where you were hoping to, at least you made up for it in terms of quality!

    I love the Howgills, and am always torn between letting the world know how good they are and keeping quiet about them! Welcome to a select bunch.

    Oh, good news about the new boots as well. Is that a review I hear coming? ;-)