Saturday, 31 March 2012


Penhill Beacon

I have a good boss, which meant that I could phone home on the spur of the moment and ask "Shall I take the afternoon off and we go out?”.  I mean, the sunshine was just too good to miss.  Before you know it, we were in the car grabbing our last chance to enjoy it.  We drove to West Witton and turned South past Capple Bank Farm and up Witton Steeps to get to the start of our walk, which was a short circular route to reach the top of Penhill.
Our planned route wasn’t very long, because we only had a couple of hours.   Penhill is not very high, (1714 ft), but it still stands out from its surroundings and gave us some lovely views across Wensleydale and Coverdale.

I’m glad I carry the binoculars everywhere now, as I was able to watch a large group of Fieldfare’s and Redwings move across the fields on our way down.  I don’t think I’ve seen them like that before.  With such a lovely little hill to walk up and across, we really enjoyed our afternoon away from work.


  1. You can see our house from up there... well, nearly.... I quite like Penhill...You've reminded me I haven't been up there for yonks. I must go..

  2. Great little trip by the looks of it.

    And I'm missing the Dales at the moment (well anywhere actually!) like you wouldn't believe ...