Sunday, 26 February 2012

First walk of 2012. Upper Wharfdale.

This was our first chance this year to get out for a walk.  We've not been on a walk since 28 November last year, so this was to be a nice easy one.  No steep hills.  I wasn't expecting Peter to come up with something nearly nine miles. 

Buckden Beck, Wharfedale

But he did.  And we walked it.
It was quite an easy walk though, 
We walked in Upper Wharfdale,  from Buckden, to Starbotton and on to Kettlewell where we crossed the river and walked along the Dales Way until we were back at Buckden again.  

Upper Wharfedale
The sky was overcast all day,  and the air was cold, with a nip in the wind up on the higher ground.  The hills were quite bleak, (which I like to be honest), and down on the floor of the valley, we listened to hundreds of seagulls and crows.

Bleak moors above 

It was a very pleasant if relatively uneventful day.  I did hear and then see my first pair of oyster catchers  this year, we had lunch in The Racehorses pub in Kettlewell, which was delicious.  I can certainly recommend their Cream of Broccolli soup

Starbotten and Wharfedale 

We also saw a pair of Goosanders on the river.  They must have wintered in England.  Cool. 

Fantastic old red tractor

River Wharfe

Step Gill
I should say that the nearly nine miles nearly did me in.  My legs were definitely at the point of seizing up completely by the time we got back to the car.  But well worth it. 
Can't wait for the next one.

February Snowdrops

Our Route
8.8 miles, 1318 ft


  1. I love it round Buckden/Kettlewell and have visited many times over the years. In fact, the Dales Way is one of my fave walks ever!

    A nice reminder - hopefully we're up that way again later this spring, circumstances permitting!

  2. Thanks Jules. We certainly enjoyed it. Hopefully the first of many lovely walks this year.