Saturday, 1 October 2011

Little Pond, Black Swans.

Alright, it's not a cruise, and it's not a walk, (unless you count the 30 yards across the grass from the Uni Buildings), but it was such a lovely day and this is "Getting about a bit".  Today I got to York University so that my  daughter could attend the Open Day.  Whilst I was there, I was totally taken in by a family of black swans.  At least I think they were, it seemed like two adults and two youngsters.

Weird birds, they don't seem to be able to lift their heads and their necks seem to be arched all the time, they are smaller than white swans and they make a very sweet sort of hooting horn noise.  The ones at the Uni pond, along with all the water birds there, were very tame and came up to me looking for food.  I thought they were lovely.

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