Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Welsh Gems

It's day three of our long Welsh Weekend, which should have been four days, but isn't.

Peter had some urgent stuff to sort out workwise, the weather forecast is poor, and we have to get home tonight, so we abandoned the planned short walk for a tourist day, starting with the first little gem, the lovely town of Beddgellert.

I left Peter working, and went off to see Gelert's Grave, something I'd wanted to visit since I'd seen it on the Walkersforum.

Walking through the town, I was delighted to see this.  So much better than a billboard or a neon sign.

And these fantastic carvings are outside Beddgelert Woodcraft, a brilliant shop capable of prising money out of anyone's purse, including mine.

It's just a short walk to Gelert's Grave:

A poignant story.  Beddgelert means "Gelert's Grave", so that's how the town got its name.

But it wasn't really the grave itself that I wanted to see.  It was this:
The bronze sculpture has been placed in the remains of this old building. You don't see it until you get to the doorway. 
I loved it. Look how his back and head have been polished by all those hands touching it.
Peter did get to join me as I walked around.  It's warm, and the hills and mountains are steaming in the rain. 
Don't the rhoddendrons look wonderful.  Unfortunately, they are considered an invasive species, as they crowd out all other plantlife.  The various environmental agencies are having to bring the plant under check.  Still looks pretty though. 
So after our potter around Beddgelert, we drove off to have a look at Harlech Castle.  You know how we like castles............

An impressive place, nearly as good as Caernarfon Castle. (Which we must go back to).

With three to four hour drive ahead of us, it was time to start thinking about going home.  Luckily we went the wrong way (my directions), and got to see Swallow Falls.

It's £1.50 to get in, and it uses one of those automated gates that you get in loos and the tube station.  You have to have the right change, but we thought it was worth it.


So that was the end of that weekend.  Next weekend, Peter has a workshop in Grasmere, I'm tagging along so I can go for a walk or two in the Lakes. I'm really looking forward to it.


  1. Great stuff Tracey, I do love it round Beddgelert. There is a great walk from Betws y Coed that follows the river to the Swallow Falls, a great few hours at the end of any weekend break.

  2. Thanks Andy. We liked it too, I know we'll be back.