Friday, 2 May 2014

A week in Skye - Coire Lagan

Today we're off to Coire Lagan: Walkhighlands route from Glen Brittle , and it is a beautiful morning.  Once again I've not checked out what to expect, and to be honest I didn't even have the route downloaded onto Gizmo.  But the path is so clear, you can't go wrong on a day like today.
A beautiful day.  We're heading sort of to the right, to the dip between the mountains.  
I've not got a lot to say about the walk.  It's a steady climb up to a height of 1935 feet, with a little bit of scrambly stuff at the lip of Coire Lagan.
Looking back to Loch Brittle.  That's the Isle of Canna sort of centre, and Rum on the left
Onward and upward.
Loch an Fhir-bhallaich to our left
For a sense of scale. Dead centre, in the shadow of a rock are two walkers.  One's wearing red.  Can you see them? 
We reached the scrambly bit and then suddenly, we were over the lip.  Coire Lagan described as "a tiny loch ringed by giant peaks".   That's a bit on an understatement.  It's a beautiful place.
Coire Lagan
Coire Lagan
It's also a natural ampitheatre, which became obvious from the shrill shouts and screams of two young boys that had come up with their parents.

Just above the peaks and out of our line of sight is Sgurr Alisdair, the highest peak on Skye.  The way to get to it is to first reach Coire Lagan, and then make your way up the Great Stone Chute, a steep scree slope on the side of the Coire.  You can see it on the right hand side of the photo above, (remember the sense of scale by the way).  Sgurr Alisdar is just a few rock slabs and a clamber away after that.  Sounds easy dunnit?  Well........ you have to get up the scree slope first.

We had a leisurely lunch watching people climb the slope, before taking a load more photographs.
The view over the lip from Coire Lagan

The view from our lunch spot
Me at Coire Lagan. 

Then it was time to make our way down and follow a different path back to Glen Brittle.  The aim was to see Eas Mor waterfall.

The path followed a gentle slope down and remained uneventful until we got to the waterfall.  We were a little disappointed to be honest, because we couldn't get close enough for a good look,  and there were too many trees in the way.
Eas Mor waterfall 
But further along, we got to see the waterfall in all its glory. Very pretty.
Eas Mor Waterfall
And then it was down the lane and across the field and we were back at the campsite.  What a brilliant day.

Tomorrow we'll be sort of just having a potter about the island.  We haven't got anything definite planned, but whatever it is, I'm sure it's gonna be good. 


  1. Skye looks very beautiful; I don't think I fancy that scree climb [and descent] though.

    1. It is very beautiful Lee, a fantastic place to visit. And like you, I don't think I fancy that scree climb either, but you never know................