Sunday, 25 May 2014

A long Welsh Weekend - Conwy Castle

So here we are, on a lovely campsite in Wales. Our surroundings are beautiful, the campsite is really pleasant, and I could smell onions frying whilst Peter cooked the dinner. It sounds just like our holiday to Skye dunnit? There is one MASSIVE difference though.  Whilst we had sunshine nearly all the way in Skye, here, it's absolutely chucking it down. There are bucket loads of water coming out of the sky, putting the dampers (literally) on everything, especially at the campsite. The people in tents are probably the most more fed up with the wet stuff, but all of us are wishing it would clear off.
If the weather had been better, we'd have been here a day earlier to be honest, but the weatherman said it was gonna chuck it down, and it did. So, although we were gonna be here for four days, we've cut it down to three, and today, Sunday, is day one.
So today, knowing that the clouds were gonna spend all day emptying themselves on our heads, we decided to drive down from Yorkshire in the morning and spend a few hours in Conwy in the afternoon. I'd seen some pictures of Conwy Castle on the Walkersforum, and after spending a little time on the Tripadvisor site, I thought it looked like a lovely place to visit.
And it is. Here are the pictures.

We started with a visit to Conwy Castle.  I have to admit idea of visiting Conwy was prompted by a Walkersforum member who wrote about the walls.

I'd come up with a list of things to do in the town, researched through Trip Advisor - Things to do in Conwy, and walking the Castle walls was on that list. 

Sadly, we never got to walk the walls, cos it rained too much.

But the castle was brilliant, although I have to say getting up and down the stairs in those towers is telling on the legs.  Worth it for the views though.
Looking North West from the castle, over the River Conwy as it joins the sea.  
A South East view
The estuary again, 
Looking over to Conwy Town. 
Me n Peter love an old ruin.  And Conwy Castle is a good 'un.  As usual we were in our element. We got a good view of the Suspension Bridge too.

Just as we finished our tour and left the castle,  it started to rain. Showers at first, but enough to send us scuttling first into shops and then into the tents of a craft and food fair down on the quay.  Mmmmmm Mmmmmm.  May I recommend lamb hot dogs..........  Absolutely delicious.

The trouble with shops, and food and craft fairs is that they empty the purse!  But I did spend it all on presents.  Honest!

We took a walk along the quay

Visited The Smallest House in Britain

And then went to have a look at Aberconwy House, a National Trust property.  I'll be honest, we only went in to get out of the rain, but it was a fantastic old building.  The loft space was amazing. 

And then it stopped raining and started absolutely chucking it down, so we made for the campervan.  Next stop our campsite in Beddgelert and back to the beginning of this blog post and pity for the campers in tents. 

Tomorrow the rain is supposed to stop, and we should have a good day for a walk.  We've got a big one planned (big for us that is).  Keep yer fingers crossed we get some sunshine. 

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