Thursday, 1 May 2014

A week in Skye - The Quiraing

We woke to another dry morning. BONUS! We've got it into our heads that we can't come to Skye without getting rained on. So far so good. Today we are heading off to see the Quiraing.
View North East at the start of the walk. Quite an odd and incredible landscape.
We've been taking our routes from the Walk Highlands site, which has been incredibly useful in that I download the .gpx files, (Quiraing circuit via the summit walk) of the route onto Gizmo, and then Peter uses a map to get us lost. As usual, I hadn't really looked into where we were going or what we were gonna see, but I did look at the map and realised that there was a very steep slope onto Maoladh Mòr involved. It was either up at the start or down at the end, depending on which way round we went. We chose to go up it, preferring the huffing, puffing and glowing with exertion of going up to the killer knee pain of coming down.
But I have to tell you going up that slope was a killer too. It was very steep, and my calves screamed in cramp like pain nearly all the way up. Peter of course is as fit as a fiddle, found it a doddle, and kept having to stand and patiently wait for me whilst I whinged and chuntered. (In fact, we have since invented a chuntering scale for various climbs. That one gets 4 ½ out 5!)
But the bonus to the pain is that you get the height really quickly. And as soon as we'd got to the top of the bank, the views were incredible.
The view South East once we'd got to the top of the slope.  We could see for miles.
And from then on it was a wonderful walk. A gentle slope following the cliff edge up and then down until we reached the point at which the walk turns round to follow the path at the bottom of the cliffs. It's a brilliant walk, and the pictures tell it all.
Looking over the ridge to Dig An Dig, Staffin Bay and Staffin Island
There were some stunning drops and views along the edge.  We couldn't get too close though as it was obvious the ground slips........  a lot!
More stunning views from the top.  Interesting the way the rock pinnacles are almost like teeth along the edge.
 We've turned round and dropped down to the base of the cliffs.  Those 'teeth' look completely different from this side. 

Further along and looking back.  The Table is the big square lump furthest away.

The Needle.  This is about the point that most tourists reach. 

And they look up at The Prison.  I think it looks more like a castle or a fort meself. 
Walking back to the car park. The scenery never ceases to amaze. 
And then we were back to the campervan.  This isn't a long walk, nor high in terms of Scottish mountains, but it is a very enjoyable one.  We took our time, took loads of photographs and enjoyed the scenery, once again trying to soak it all up to take it home with us. (By the way, the route is also dead easy, so Peter's map didn't get us lost.)

Our next stop was the Glen Brittle campsite.  Another one I can recommend.  No pub this time, and no signal for the phones either, but quite beautiful surroundings.
Loch Brittle.  Glen Brittle campsite is right on the edge of the beach.

Looking towards the Cuillins from the beach. I can't pronounce any of their names, but follow along the top of the ridge on the right to the second slightly higher little point, and that's the highest mountain on Skye.  Sgurr Alisdair.  Class eh?
Tomorrow we are going to see Coire Lagan, another day to really look forward to.  


  1. great photographs and by the look of it - excellent weather!

    1. Thanks Sylvia. We couldn't fault the weather, it was brilliant. :-)