Sunday, 20 April 2014

Dove Crag

So yesterday was a lovely hot day, and we had a lovely quiet, empty campsite.  Today is completely different.

Today we stopped at Sykeside.  Much more organised and commercial.  We got a flat pitch, the facilities included things like hairdryers, and there were a couple of "pubs" and a shop right next to the campsite.  This site is ideal for so many people, especially families probably.  But I think I preferred Cross Dormont, much more our style.

Anyway, this was the starting point for another walk.  Another coincidence eh?  And today we are off up Dove Crag.  I didn't take that many pictures, and I should have got some of the herd of black cattle that we walked through at Hartsop Hall, and their gorgeous, playful calves, but I missed it.  Never mind, here are the best of the rest...............
We started off with a lovely gentle slope that just took us up and up.  Peter told me that we were going to go up to that hill and round the back.  It doesn't look that high does it?
But he didn't mean the one in front, he meant the one behind it.  Yep!  That looks high.  And if you wondering why there are so many pictures with Peter in, it's cos he's always in the way.  ;-)
See what I mean.........   The path got steeper as you can see.  Sadly the day was mostly overcast and a bit drizzly, but it's a beautiful area, rugged, rocky and dramatic.  Sadly the camera can never really capture it. 
Dove Crag looming closer.  The path is off to the right off picture here, and it's really steep.  Thankfully, the Park people have built a stony staircase.  So much easier.  There's a cave round here somewhere, known as the Priest's Hole. Maybe we should have gone looking for it. 

He's in the picture again!  OK, I admit, I asked him to be this time.  This is the cairn summit of Dove Crag, at 2598 ft. 
And then we came back down  again.  This is Caiston Beck. 
And I'm learning stuff all the time.  This is an erratic.  A leftover from the glaciers.  I quite like the way it just poses there in the middle of the field. 
I really enjoyed this walk.  Mostly cos of the rough and rugged scenery on the way up I think.  Sadly, that's another walk over.  I'm not sure what we're gonna do tomorrow, it's a sort of wing it day, I wonder where we'll end up?

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