Monday, 28 April 2014

A week in Skye - The Beginning.

I'm sitting at the top of a little sloping green overlooking a few caravans in a holiday park.  All of the caravans have their own area of private decking, fenced off and acting as a perfect outdoor patio area.  Each little patio area looks out onto the waters of the beautiful Loch Lomond. Overlooking them as I do, my view is quite, quite lovely.

We've driven up this afternoon as today is the start of our Skye holiday.  As usual for anything we do, we're taking it easy.  Peter hasn't bothered trying to drive all the way up to Skye in a single day, and this morning we both cleared tasks and errands, before setting off just after midday.

And right now, I'm sitting outside the camper van.  It's a little breezy, and beginning to turn cold, but it's been lovely,warm evening up until now and we've had a little walk around to see how far we could go, (not far sadly).   I can smell onions frying as Peter cooks our tea and there's a cuckoo cuckooing over to my left somewhere.  The birds are chirruping and chirping, a couple of geese are honking every so often, and there is nothing else but the gentle sound of waves lapping up against the shores of the Loch.


Aren't holidays just brilliant! 

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