Monday, 20 May 2013

Cornwall Holiday - Kennegy Cove to St Michael's Mount

Another lovely dry morning for us to enjoy our morning coffee outside on the campsite.  We had a plan to walk to Marazion from our campsite, and from there go and visit St Michael's Mount.

To start, the walk was about 4 ½ miles along the glorious Cornwall coast:

Bessy's Cove
Lovely little tumbledown hut above Bessy's cove
The variety and abundance of flowers growing along the cliffs was fantastic.  These are bluebells and thrift
Cudden Point
Cudden Point again.
St Michael's Mount from Cudden Point
And now a  little closer
A really good walk where we got to see more of the stunning Cornwall coastline, potato picking teams at work, fantastic banks and cliff edges hung with flowers.  We also got a little bit lost,  (we blame the couple who gave us duff directions), but no matter, we got where we wanted to in the end.

We arrived in Marazion around midday and promptly tucked into one of the best Cornish Pasty's I've ever tasted.  It was high tide, so we found our way to the little quay to get a boat across the causeway,  £2 each and it only took a couple of minutes.

Once on the island, there are a lot of steps to get up to the castle.  It's an amazing place, and we really enjoyed our visit.

It started as a monastery in the 12th century, and since then has constantly been added to.  It's still lived in too apparently.  It was good to get out on the top and see the surrounding views. There's also a little church and some fabulous gardens, if gardening is what you like.

More info here >> National Trust - St Michael's Mount

Peter likes beer.  I like coffee n cake.  Luckily the onsite cafe sells all three, and lots more.

Another view 
Definitely worth the visit. When we'd finished, we got a boat back to Marazion and from there, a bus back to the camp site.  That was an experience!  Not least cos the heating was on full blast, but also due to the fact that main road through Marazion is very narrow.  Add very narrow road to double decker bus, then throw in a little bit of digger truck getting loaded onto flatbed truck, and you get gridlock!
So I think the bus journey took a little longer than normal. But that was OK, we weren't in a hurry, we've more more time in Cornwall tomorrow.

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