Friday, 11 May 2012


Caernafon Castle Front Gate
The date to start our long weekend in Wales had finally arrived.  So we started by not rushing, and after leisurely preparations and a steady 4 hour drive we arrived at the Travelodge in Caernarfon around 3 pm.  Despite drowsiness from the journey, we were keen to get out and look round.  Our hotel was just off Victoria Dock and overlooks the Menai Straits.  We were just yards away from the walled town and Caernarfon Castle, so guess where we went?

Sadly, we didn't actually get to the castle until just gone 4, which didn't give us enough time to look round.  We were just about the last ones to leave, but the guy in the ticket booth couldn't have been more helpful.  He started by taking pictures of me and Peter (as you do), and then, when he found out that we hadn't had enough time to look round, provided us with a "re-admit" ticket so that we could go back,.  Wonderful Welsh service.
View from a tower

After a quick change, we were back out for our evening meal in the nearby Cantonese and afterwards a short stroll around the little harbour to enjoy the beautiful sunset.  A glorious start to our weekend break.


  1. Looks like you started off with some good weather. Lovely sunset.

    Hope the rest of the weekend was as good.

  2. Hope you had good weather. I had car packed Wednesday night waiting for the weather to look good enough to get down Wales for three days camping but by the time it looked to have cleared it wasnt worth it. Pity as I'd too targetted Tryfan and the Glyders for Fri or Sat along with the Carneddau and a revisit to Crib Goch on day 3. Ended up in the lakes instead.