Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Walking Walking Walking

 Monday's sun is full in the face, Tuesday's sun is blown away, Wednesday's sun is here and there, I hope Thursdays sun is gonna make skin bare.  That's cos we're out again tomorrow.  Apparently I am going up a fell peak on a Rolls Royce of walks. But what have I been doing until now?

Hadrian's Wall
Well, on Monday, I got the sun full in the face, and did very little.  Tuesday, me and himself went up to Hadrian's Wall and had a little wander.  Actually it was 8 miles of wandering.  As usual, I loved it.  The sun was out, but so was the wind, which was bitterly cold.  I am pleased to say that not only did I see the remains of Hadrian's Wall, Housestead Fort, 38 and 39 MileCastle and a turret or two, but I also used my binoculars and camera and managed to see loads of wheatears, a Canada Goose on one of the little lakes, and skylarks, which were everywhere. I really really love our countryside.  I also managed to recognise marsh marigolds.  Clever me.

Ayesgarth Middle Falls
So that was Tuesday.  Today, we went to test another walk for work. I thought I'd be tired after yesterday, but actually, I was absolutely fine, so today we walked from Carperby to Ayesgarth Falls and back to Carperby on a circular route.  It was only 4 miles, but as usual, we were taking pictures of everything, and I was trying to see stuff through me binoculars, so we took about 3 hours to do it.  Well worth it though, cos I got to see some more lapwings, and curlews, and the swallows were out, and of course, the 3 falls at Ayesgarth are stunning.

We went on from there through various fields. past a couple of farms and here and there a bit.  I enjoyed it, but a couple of the stiles were a bit difficult, as were some of the places we walked.  So I am not entirely sure it would be right for them at work.  But it was good, and I love seeing new bits of the countryside.

Tomorrow we are going up Helm Crag.  Oooer!

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