Thursday, 28 April 2011

Helm Crag

It didn't look the brightest of days when we set off from home towards Grasmere, but it just got better and better the closer we got.  By the time we parked up, the sun was beaming at us.
Peter is dead pleased with the whole thing, as this is my first fell peak and apparently I will never forget it.  Hmmmmmm........... I doubt I will forget, because I am loving everywhere I am walking, but I am not sure about the "first" thing.
View from the top of Helm Crag
Anyway, it is a hard walk.  Roughie toughie experienced hill walkers (and we certainly passed a few coming down), will no doubt tell you it's quite easy.  But it isn't to softies like me and the woman who was half of a couple that walked up at the same time as us, sort of behind.

It's 1309 feet high, hard work to get
Looking the other direction
up, but glorious, glorious views at the top, where we had our lunch.  I think that couple who were behind us were similar to me n Peter in that he's the experienced walker and she's just giving it all a go. Unlike me though, she did not like being up there, she said she was scared of the height and wanted to go straight down again.

Peter on top The Howitzer
After lunch, Peter insisted on acting like a totally irresponsible teenager and climbed to the very top - a rock called "The Howitzer".  I thought I was gonna have a heart attack watching him, I was so scared.  
We were supposed to walk on to Easedale Tarn, but to be honest we were both too tired. (He might not admit that - being the experienced roughie toughie walker he is.) But I am loving all this countryside, so I talked Peter into another walk tomorrow.  He hasn't worked out where yet, he wanted to get me up Striding Edge.  I've seen the pictures.......scary!  Maybe somewhere different eh?

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