Saturday, 30 April 2011

Along the River Ure

Redmire Force
OK, so today we decided to try out a walk completely new to Peter.  I sort of fancied walking along the side of the river Ure towards Ayesgarth, and we noticed Redmire Force on the map.  The trouble was getting across the river and walking back.  (We don't like to retrace our footsteps).  Clever me spotted something that should be a ford across the river, and then Google informed us of the stepping stones, and off we went.
Stepping stones across the river Ure
The whole walk was 9 miles. We walked west from Wensley, along the south side of the River Ure. On the way, we saw loads of mallards and canada geese with ducklings and goslings respectively.  Awwwwwwww.  We also got a couple of glimpses of a grey heron or two. We stopped to eat  and admire at Redmire Force, which is a bit of  a hidden gem and where I saw a "no idea" bird (I had no idea what it was.  Later I worked out it was dipper).  After lunch we went on a little further to the stepping stones laid recently for walkers and which are brilliant. On the way back, more lapwings and curlews.  
Water Aven
And as for plants, well - after taking photo's to work out what they were later (using the internet of course) I can now add water forget-me-nots,  water avens, lesser stitchworts, meadow cranesbills and dryad saddle mushrooms to me list.  Apparently the mushrooms are edible, and they were huge.  Mebbe I should have brought some home to stick on our pizza supper. Tired feet and the joints were complaining a bit as we went along, but all in all a lovely walk, which took us a much more respectable 41/2 hours.
And yes, when we got back, the first thing we did was check out the wedding.  Kate did look stunning, and I am quite jealous that I never looked that good.  Methinks she is a bit skinny though.  I am glad the day went well and the country enjoyed it.  I think they did everything just right, from her dress to him driving the Aston Martin.  Good luck to the pair of them. 
Today is Saturday, himself is working, and I am taking it easy.  The sun is out, but so is the wind, and it is biting.  Domestics have taken over, and I have to go and buy food, do the housework and cook dinner.  I can't wait to get out again though. He's not working next weekend.  Mebbe we'll try Striding Edge?

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