Sunday, 24 April 2011

Loving the bank holidays.

At work we've been sitting outside at lunchtime, and in my stupidity, I happened to accidentally volunteer myself to organise the next team building day, which will be a walk. (Well, I actually volunteered Peter's knowledge, but hey ho.)  So I put the idea in his head, we need a short walk for them at work, bearing in mind one is a little older and has had a couple of  operations on her legs.
Peter on the edge of West Witton Moor. Wensleydale behind him
We get Maundy Thursday afternoon off.  Cool eh?.  So, having arrived home early and finding himself in the garden, we decide the weather was too glorious to stay inside and we should go out and test the first idea of a walk out at West Burton.  So off we went.  
Woodland Violet
The weather was wonderful and the walk was brilliant.  Just a little too much for that lot a work to be honest.  It was just under 5 miles, but the hills were a bit steep, especially coming down.  I really enjoyed it.  We saw loads of peewits up on the top, I managed to get some photo's, but I don't have a strong enough zoom to get good close ups. I've been learning about and looking up the flowers and stuff and can list: early purple orchids, primroses, cowslips, woodland violets, wild strawberries and bluebells all in the same area.
Early Purple Orchid
We came down the hill (as a said, a bit steep), and ended up at the waterfall at West Burton.  Again, I'm trying to learn about what I'm seeing, and with an out of focus photograph was able to identify a grey wagtail. Dead chuffed with meself.
West Burton "Cauldron" Falls
Peter has been working over the bank holiday weekend, but the sun has been glorious today, so in between getting coffee out of the carpet and changing the sheets, I've been out there soaking it up.  Were going out walking next week, so I'm hoping this weather holds.  It's been fantastic!

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