Sunday, 1 June 2014

A Grasmere stroll.

So today Peter was running his 2nd day of his Grasmere workshop, which meant I had another day to play whilst he worked.  I decided I was going to take it easy today, so first of all I had a wander around the little town.  That cost me a fortune!
So, once I'd dropped off my purchases back at the camper van, I decided I wanted to go out and find out about Faeryland, a sort of cafe that I'd heard of, and then perhaps walk around Grasmere up to Rydal Water.

Well, I can tell you Faeryland is a lovely place to sit and enjoy coffee n cake. You can watch the ducks and birds and enjoy the view across Grasmere. The little rowing boats look fun too.

Jackdaw.  I really like these birds, and crows.  They really are quite handsome.
Looking across Grasmere from Faeryland.
From the little cafe, I followed the road up hill until I reached a house called The Lea.  Just past it is a permissive path that leads down to the lake and around alongside it until you reach the southern edge. It was a good job there weren't many cars, because there loads of people and no paths.

I loved all the flowers growing along the walls and edges.  I must have looked a right numpty crouching in corners against the side of the road, trying to get the macro feature on my camera to focus.  I think the trouble is that the camera is cleverer than me.  I try to make it do things my way, and it fights me at every shot!

We reached a compromise in the end though..............................
Welsh Poppy
Herb Robert
There are Rhododendrons everywhere.  Lovely to look at, but unfortunately the plant seems to be taking over in some areas, and has to be brought under control.  So pretty though.
Once down at the lakeside, I sat or strolled according to whim, enjoying the views and the wildlife.
The large white house in the centre is Allen Bank. It used to be owned by Wordsworth and must have one of the best views in England.
And of course the flowers, it's definitely the time of year for them.

Germander Speedwell


Yellow Iris
Cuckoo Flower
Once I'd reached the south shore of Grasmere, I followed the river Rydal to the car park alongside Rydal water.  Looking for the best route back, I decided to retrace my steps, because the only alternative seemed to be to follow a busy road.
Allan Bank again. 
Pink Purslane
Once I'd got back to Grasmere, I found more shops to wander around.  It didn't cost quite as much this time though. 

So back to meet up with Peter, help him pack away and then time to go home.  I've had a wonderful weekend, and as always, I'm looking forward to the next time. 

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