Saturday, 30 March 2013

Just a quickie

I keep thinking that I should be out more and getting fitter.  Peter wanted to work today, so I took a wander down to Colburn Batts, to see how the bird folk were getting on.  I was hoping there would be masses of migrating birds taking a rest stop in the lakes.

There was a little bit of an obstacle on the way:  a little bit of a landslide to be honest.  This little bit has slid onto the Coast to Coast path.

Not a problem though, everybody has just been walking over it.  Twas a bit slippy n slidey n muddy underfoot  tho'.

Passing Colburn Hall, I waved at these two.  Next years Sunday roast probably, but for now, they are just dead cute.

Sadly when I got to the Batts, no sign of greylags or canada geese. But I did get to watch a kestrel hover and dive, see a cormorant look well out of place on the lake, and see the tufted ducks, coots, goosanders, mallards, swans and gull, including this handsome couple.  (He's chasing off a youngster in this pose by the way.)

And she's just posing cos she can.

And the bonus was a charm of goldfinches in the trees on the way back.

Just short of 7 miles.  Tomorrow we have a little bit further planned.  

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