Sunday, 7 September 2014

From Keld to Tan Hill

Kisdon Hill
Following the theme of "catch up" this is another catch up post of a walk I did in September with a member of the walkersforum.   The route was one found in a local paper and it was his idea to try it out,  but since it was a good idea, I decided to join him.  (By the way, he did invite me, I didn't gatecrash!)

We'd agreed to meet at Keld at midday.  I live fairly locally, and reckoned on half hour to get there, so I set off just gone 20 past 11.  I should've had time to spare.

Silly me hadn't reckoned on it being late morning on a beautiful Sunday, and every Miss Daisy in England was out for a drive in her automobile.  Yes I agree, the scenery is stunning, and yes, the roads are windy, and no, there is no need to race.........................BUT! .............

I drove most of the route in 2nd and 3rd gear arriving in Keld at 20 past 12, very, very frustrated.
Good job my walking partner for the day (TH) is a patient guy eh?  I made use of the public loos and parked on the road.  TH was already parked in the car park for the very reasonable honesty box price of £2

So we set off a bit late,  TH was a little concerned that he needed to be back on the A1 before dark.  He needn't have worried, the walk was straightforward and the weather was brilliant.  All we had to do was enjoy it.

At this point I discovered the battery on my camera was flat.  DOH!  Luckily my phone has a reasonable camera on it, and didn't have a flat battery.  Here are the pictures.
Near the start - what a glorious day. 
To stop the sheep crossing the bridge?  
The Tan Hill Pub, from Tan Hill
On the return walk, sheepfold and bridge over Stonesdale Beck
Looking out over West Stonesdale Pasture.  
Wossat then?  Mebbe for the Tan Hill Pub behind us?
Just past Ravenseat, the Dales looking like...... Well, the Dales. 
A gorgeous little gorge - How Edge
And just past How Edge, We're looking down from Oven Mouth

And then we were back alongside the Swale heading back to Keld with that fantastic view of Kisdon hill I put at the start of this post. 

10.2 miles and 1600ft of up.  

Thank you TH for inviting me, I had a wonderful afternoon.


  1. Good looking walk - I'd love to have a crack at it one day!

    1. Thanks Jules, it was a good walk. Good weather and company too. Class eh?