Sunday, 6 July 2014

I love my new camera. Coniston Water, Castlerigg Circle and Brougham Castle

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What can I say.  The Pier Cottage Caravan Park was, for us anyway, idyllic.  Facilities are relatively basic, but the welcome was warm and friendly, and the site was set out brilliantly.  At night we were able to stand by the water and watch the bats flit round our heads. Waking up in the morning was a delight.  Once I'd left the camper van to visit the facilities, I wouldn't get back in again, I was so in love with the surroundings.  Some early morning photographs:
A Goosander mom waking the chicks.  "Quick, there's a dog on the way"
"Into the water, hurry hurry!" 
The second morning.  The sky was so blue and clear..,,,,,,,,  And so was the water. 
Puts me in a reflective mood. 
Mother duck bought her new babies over to see me.  I think this must be a second brood of chicks.  
I'm loving the zoom and the quality of the pictures on the new camera.  This little chap came and sat with us for breakfast.
The steam ferry getting ready for a busy day's ferrying 
 After a brilliant walk yesterday, we decided to take it easy today.  A leisurely breakfast, and then a drive into Ambleside for a potter round the shops.  Then it was on to Castlerigg Stone Circle.
A busy place, it was impossible to get a picture of the circle without anyone in it.   This site is around 4500 yrs old.  Amazing when you think about it.  
The Sanctuary, an inner ring of the circle, with the might of Blencathra in the background
After a wander around ancient history, (and an icecream), we carried on our way home, with a quick look at Brougham Castle.  We'd driven past it so many times, we thought today would be a good day to pop in and have a mosey around.
The thing that struck me about this place was the red brick.  It's unusual to see it on a castle, and sort of makes it look modern.
To be honest, from certain angles, it would be easy to mistake this place for an old factory or prison perhaps. Interesting in a way. 
And that was the end of a brilliant weekend.

I do love my new camera.  

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