Sunday, 14 April 2013

Up along Gunnerside Beck

I took a walk out Swaledale way again today to test me new boots.  Apparently you are supposed to break them in.  I'm thinking the boots were breaking me in!   Suffice to say I ended up with a couple of blisters.  Nothing too painful, but definitely some more breaking to do.

Anyway despite sore feet, a thoroughly pleasant day, I really like the area around Gunnerside Beck. 

So does the snow apparently (like the area around Gunnerside Beck that is), it doesn't want to leave!

These ridges/drifts/banks of snow can be found on route up the sides of the little dale onto Melbecks Moor via the hushes, easily 8-10ft deep. .  I went up  Friarfold Hush this time.  Me leg muscles are still aching, from either digging, pressing and testing steps in the snow, or from having to haul the complete said legs out of snow nether region deep, hopefully with the boot still attached.  And I walked right at the very edge of this lot!

Hard work, or even a hard workout, but I feel I am learning all the time.  

Tomorrow me n himself are off to Holy Island.  I'm really looking forward to that. 


  1. Love the snow photos :) I broke my boots in during our Scotland trip, didn't have time to wear them in before we went away, the first week was just a little bit uncomfy! Managed to avoid blisters though by putting a thick plaster on the heel which was rubbing

    1. Thanks Bagpuss. And that's the plan for weekend 20th/21st April. Fingers crossed, me feet will be fine. :-)