Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year, new walks, and the North York Moors in sunshine.

We were both well ready to get out.  All the rain just puts a dampers on everything.  It just ain't cricket when there's is nowt but fogged up glasses and camera lenses, which, even when you've got them clear, reveal that there is nowt to see 'cept dark clouds and more rain.

My usual trick is to keep an eye on the 5 day forecast and watch out for where the sun is gonna make a breakthrough.  Once I've worked out where the best chance is, Peter is tasked with mapping the route, and then, finally the day arrives and we make our escape to what is hopefully dry, blue skies.

And it worked.  New Years Day on the east coast was rain free. Starting at Osmotherley, Peter worked out a nice easy circular route just short of seven miles,.  Even the mud wasn't too much of a hindrance as we walked. .  I love being up on the the top of the moors.  I love the colours of the heather, brown this time of year, against the green of everything else. I love how bleak it can all look.  Wonderful.

Some pictures:
Pine Forests along the Cleveland Way
A microwave station
Microwave Station?  What's one of them then?  Well I looked it up here: Wiki - BT microwave_network, the article suggests that the network is now obsolete, but I think it looks pretty well maintained for an obsolete system.  Plenty for the conspiracy theorists to get their teeth into I'm sure.

We walked on, enjoying the wonderful views and sunshine! 

We sat and enjoyed a steak pie and a coffee about half way round.  The sky was blue, with just a few clouds, and the sun shone bright.  Wind was bitter cold tho'!

Until we got back to Osmotherly.  A lovely, lovely afternoon out. 

I'm going to try and get out again before I leave the pools, puddles, ponds and lakes that cover the fields of England to join Peter on the good ship Marco Polo - (see cruise blog), but if not, this will be my last walking post for a good few weeks, by which time I'll be well ready to sample the damp wet views of England when I come back.  I'm sure.


  1. That microwave station is a new one on me. It's bizarre. What a monstrosity to stumble upon when you're out for a walk. I suppose you could have warmed the steak pie in it though. Every cloud . . .

  2. You know, no matter how far you go, you can't resist the lure of soggy England. ;-)

    Hope to catch up again after your latest nautical jaunt.