Thursday, 25 August 2011

3 Days Camping in the Lake District

Before anything, I should explain that Peter is an experienced walker and camper.  He spent much of his earlier years wandering the countryside with a tent on his back, pitching it wherever he’d got to by the end of the day.  I have no such background.
This camping trip was a trial run for our C2C next year.  We bought an extremely lightweight tent, perfect for two, some extremely lightweight self inflating ground mats and couple of other items that needed replacing. If you read my last post, you’ll know I wasn’t sure about this trip.  Previous experience of sleeping on the ground tells me I am not good at it.  Peter was dead enthusiastic though, and really pleased with our purchases.  So we turned up at the Great Langdale campsite, got our pitch number and found our allocated patch of grass.

But as for the camping experience…………  Well.

Not Good:
·  The mats we’d bought were very very good, even I recognised that.  But they were not good enough for a couple of mature, less practiced folk.  Ooooh…. Stiff joints!

·  Langdale doesn’t allow you park your car next to the tent, which had been part of our plan. We ended up storing more in our little tent than originally intended.
Our little tent, tiny in comparison.

·  Rain.

·  The tent is so lightweight it’s perfect to carry on the C2C.  But it’s small, and there isn’t room to do much but sleep in it.

·  Why is it OK for grown women to walk to the shower block in their pyjamas?  People seem to lower their privacy settings.  Is it just me that finds this weird?

·  Listening to the woman in the tent nearby tell off her husband and kids, reminded us of the Howler Mrs Weasley sent Ron in The Chamber of Secrets.  This woman was much scarier tho’.

·  I have no experience of other campsites.  I can only tell you that this one had everything: little shop with weather forecast and milk, loos and showers clean enough to use, laundry room, even the kitchen sinks!     

·  Our little camp stove and the £2.50 lamp we bought.

·  Waking up in the morning to sunshine and drinking the morning coffee with those views.

Would I do it again?  Only with comfier sleeping arrangements.  But we’re working on that.

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